Andrew Cruise won Warwick Wealth May Bidding Competition

Thursday, 09 June 2022 by Brian Paxton

Congratulations to Andrew Cruise on winning our popular Warwick Wealth sponsored May bidding competition, with Steve Bunker hot on his heels.

These were Andrew's answers to the questions (in case you have mislaid them, the questions are attached):

1. 2S* - I use this as conventional GF, but even if this is not agreed a forcing bid must be made...
2. 2H* - limit raise or better in D
3. 5C - its Teams so game must be punted, 3NT too risky. Any other 3 level bid looking for 3NT risks a misunderstanding
4. 4S - its impossible to judge whether a void will work for Game when you have a fit. Forget long and short suit tries, just punt it.
5. X - if RP has a trap pass with something like KJ9x I am looking at 1100 or 1400, where those cards are worth nothing as declarer so slam unlikely. If he doesn't, he is weak with one of the other suits, so he will bid and we will end up in game. Or he has a hand with D and no clear initial response in which case we will be in D slam.
6. X - this is not a forcing pass situation as its not clear to RP that we have most of the points. X shows a good hand, RP can convert by passing or correct to 5S if he has some values in the minors.
7. 5NT - pick a slam. Clearly one is not suggesting either of their two suits so its NT (where you have stops in both the opps suits), Clubs (but you have some doubt) or H (where you must have a self supporting suit)
8. 6H - pick your shortest Major, hoping for two quick tricks with Partner AQ over K in dummy and no shortage in Declarer, assuming the H loser could be discarded on say S AKQ(J) after trumps drawn