J&M Bridge Club

J&M Bridge Club runs informal daily, except Friday & Sunday, afternoon teams events on BBO. This is a free service during covid.

Enter as a pair, or a team, after 14h00 on the afternoon prior to the day you wish to play.

For further information contact either: John Bryant 082 565 8908 or Mark Kenyon 082 651 9035 preferably by WhatsApp.

Click on the link to access the GBU Teams Results Spreadsheet as of 24th January 2022 and Tuesday Teams Results Spreadsheet as of 25th January 2022.


Personal Trust RealBridge Teams Competition


This is a monthly competition.

Prize money of R2 000  will be divided between “A” and “B” teams.

Substitutions are allowed. If required we do have pairs looking to form a team.

The cost is R 30 per player per session – (R 480 per team)
Pay: J&M Bridge - FNB; Branch: 250655;  Account: 6288 2051 388

To enter or for further information contact:

Arie  Ridderhof:  072 607 7499
Mark Kenyon on WhatsApp: 082 651 9035 or [email protected]
Rod Pienaar: 079 673 5077

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RealBridge Instructions

Logging In:

When you click on RealBridge tournament link, you will be taken to the RealBridge login page.

To Login:

Enter your name (first and last name, not your BBO name) start each name with a capital letter

Enter your SABF number as the “ID number”

Tick the “High Contrast UI” box if you are colour blind or visually impaired

Press the “Login” button

You will be taken to the playing area, select your team's table and sit N/S or E/W opposite your partner.

Scores and Results;

For an explanation on how to use the RealBridge scores and results during play and immediately afterwards go to:  https://realbridge.online/player-guide.html and scroll down the page to “Scores and Results”. You can access travellers, cross imps and overall team scores by round.

All RealBridge hands remain on their database, to access them use the “link” that was provided to login into the original game.

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