J&M Bridge Club Monday and Tuesday Afternoon Teams

J&M Bridge Club runs informal Monday and Tuesday afternoon teams events on BBO. This is a free service. Enter as a pair, or a team, after 14h00 on the afternoon prior to the day you wish to play using the JM Bridge Whatsapp Group.

To be added to the Whatsapp Group or for additional information on the Monday event please contact Jackie Solovei 082 449 9444 and for the Tuesday event contact Rose Duff 083 701 0980.

Click on the link to access the Monday Teams Results as of 27th June 2022 and Tuesday Teams Results as of 28th June 2022.


Personal Trust RealBridge Teams Competition


Those entered in the  April competition should click here to play.

This is a monthly competition played on RealBridge. R1 000 prize money is divided between the top finishers. The event takes place every Thursday evening at 7:15 PM.

The cost is R25 per player per session (R400 per team for the monthly competition)
For additional information contact Mark Kenyon 082 651 9035.

The results for the March Personal Trust Teams:

Round 8:

Team Bjerregaard            19.34                    Team Imtiaz        0.66

Team Bryant                     13.45                    Team Zimet        6.55

Team South Coast KZN      2.92                     Team Rod            17.92

Team     Alfreda/Ireland   16.18                     Team Phillips      3.82

Team     Van Niekerk        13.71                     Team Peninsula Bridge Club 6.29

 Final Overall

1st Team Bjerregaard

2nd Team Bryant

3rd Team Imtiaz

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RealBridge Instructions


For more information on RealBridge and to play in taster sessions click here.

How to play on RealBridge:

•    Select  “Guides and Training”
•    Select  “player guide”

For “TASTER” sessions:

•    Select “Where can I play?”
•    Select “Try RealBridge”

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